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[noo-mer-uh-buh l, nyoo-] /ˈnu mər ə bəl, ˈnyu-/

capable of being counted, totaled, or numbered.
able to be numbered or counted

1570s, from Latin numerabilis “that can be counted or numbered,” from numerare “to count, number,” from numerus “a number” (see number (n.)). Related: Numerably.


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  • Numeracy

    [verb noo-muh-reyt, nyoo-; adjective noo-mer-it, nyoo-] /verb ˈnu məˌreɪt, ˈnyu-; adjective ˈnu mər ɪt, ˈnyu-/ verb (used with object), numerated, numerating. 1. to represent numbers by symbols. 2. (def 2). adjective 3. able to use or understand techniques of mathematics. /ˈnjuːmərəsɪ/ noun 1. the ability to use numbers, esp in arithmetical operations adjective (ˈnjuːmərɪt) 1. […]

  • Numeraire

    [noo-muh-rair, nyoo-] /ˌnu məˈrɛər, ˌnyu-/ noun 1. a basic standard by which values are measured, as gold in the monetary system.

  • Numeral

    [noo-mer-uh l, nyoo-; noom-ruh l, nyoom-] /ˈnu mər əl, ˈnyu-; ˈnum rəl, ˈnyum-/ noun 1. a word, letter, symbol, or figure, etc., expressing a number; number: the Roman numerals. adjective 2. of, relating to, or consisting of numbers or numerals. 3. expressing or noting a number or numbers. /ˈnjuːmərəl/ noun 1. a symbol or group […]

  • Numeral-system

    noun 1. any notation for the representation of numerals or numbers.

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