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Object relations theory

a form of psychoanalytic theory postulating that people relate to others in order to develop themselves


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  • Object relationship

    object relationship n. The emotional bond between an individual and another person.

  • Object role modeling

    programming (ORM) A conceptual modelling approach that pictures the application world as a set of objects that play roles (parts in relationships, which may be unary, binary or higher order). ORM provides both graphical and textual languages that enable models to be expressed naturally. For data modelling purposes, its graphical language is more expressive than […]

  • Object value

    jargon In industrial design, a measure of consumers’ immediate desire for an object, even before they know or understand what it does. “Gassee may be nuts, but at least the BeBox has great object value.” (1997-03-30)

  • Objectworks

    An object-oriented development environment developed by ParcPlace, available under Smalltalk and C++. (1994-10-28)

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