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A distributed object system from DEC based on the CORBA standard.


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  • Objectcenter

    A product offering similar facilities to CodeCenter for the C++ language, plus class browsing facilities etc (formerly Saber-C++).

  • Object chill

    [“Object CHILL – An Object Oriented Language for Systems Implementation”, J. Winkler et al, ACM Comp Sci Conf 1992, pp. 139-147]. (1995-01-31)

  • Object choice

    object choice ob·ject choice (ŏb’jĭkt, -jěkt’) n. In psychoanalytic theory, the object, usually a person, upon which an individual’s psychic energy is centered.

  • Object-code

    noun, Computers. 1. the machine-language output of a compiler or assembler that is ready for execution. object code (ŏb’jĭkt) The code produced by a compiler from the source code, usually in the form of machine language that a computer can execute directly. It may, however, be in assembly language, an intermediate code that is then […]

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