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[ok-tuh-dek-uh-noh-ik, ok-] /ˈɒk təˌdɛk əˈnoʊ ɪk, ˌɒk-/

noun, Chemistry.


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  • Octagon

    [ok-tuh-gon, -guh n] /ˈɒk təˌgɒn, -gən/ noun 1. a polygon having eight angles and eight sides. /ˈɒktəɡən/ noun 1. a polygon having eight sides n. 1650s, from Latin octagonos, from Greek oktagononos, literally “eight-angled,” from okta- comb. form of okto “eight” (see eight) + gonia “angle,” related to gony “knee” (see knee (n.)). Also octogon […]

  • Octagonal

    [ok-tag-uh-nl] /ɒkˈtæg ə nl/ adjective 1. having eight angles and eight sides. /ɒkˈtæɡənəl/ adjective 1. having eight sides and eight angles 2. of or relating to an octagon adj. 1570s, from octagon + -al (1). octagon (ŏk’tə-gŏn’) A polygon having eight sides. octagonal adjective (ŏk-tāg’ə-nəl)

  • Octagon-house

    noun 1. a type of American house, c. 1850, having an octagonal perimeter to reduce exterior wall area.

  • Octagon-scale

    noun, Carpentry. 1. a scale used in laying out octagonal figures of various sizes.

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