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[od-il, oh-dil] /ˈɒd ɪl, ˈoʊ dɪl/

other words for od


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  • Odynacusis

    odynacusis o·dyn·a·cu·sis (ō-dĭn’ə-kōō’sĭs, -kyōō’-) n. Hypersensitivity of the organ of hearing, so that noises cause actual pain.

  • Odyno-

    odyno- pref. Pain; painful: odynacusis.

  • Odynometer

    odynometer o·dy·nom·e·ter (ō’də-nŏm’ĭ-tər) n. See algesiometer.

  • Odynophagia

    odynophagia o·dyn·o·pha·gia (ō-dĭn’ə-fā’jə, -jē-ə) n. See dysphagia.

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