[noun awf-ouuh r, -ou-er, -ouuh r, -ou-er, of-; adjective awf-ouuh r, -ou-er, of-] /noun ˈɔfˈaʊər, -ˈaʊ ər, -ˌaʊər, -ˌaʊ ər, ˈɒf-; adjective ˈɔfˈaʊər, -ˈaʊ ər, ˈɒf-/

an hour or other period when a person is not at a job:
I spend my off-hours reading.
a period outside of rush hours or greatest activity:
I travel by subway during the off-hours.
of, relating to, or during an off-hour:
The off-hour traffic will be lighter.

not within the normal work hours; during one’s leisure time

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