noun, British.
a large office building.
a large building designed to provide office accommodation

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  • Office-block ballot

    [aw-fis-blok, of-is-] /ˈɔ fɪsˌblɒk, ˈɒf ɪs-/ noun 1. a ballot on which the candidates are listed alphabetically, with or without their party designations, in columns under the office for which they were nominated.

  • Office-boy

    noun 1. a person, traditionally a boy, employed in an office to run errands, do odd jobs, etc. noun 1. a former name for office junior

  • Office by example

    language (OBE) A sequel to QBE, described in publications by Moshe Zloof of IBM in the early 1980s but apparently never implemented. (1998-03-14)

  • Office-girl

    noun 1. a girl or young woman employed in an office to run errands, do odd jobs, etc.

  • Officeholder

    [aw-fis-hohl-der, of-is-] /ˈɔ fɪsˌhoʊl dər, ˈɒf ɪs-/ noun 1. a person filling a governmental position; public official.

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