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[awf-shawr-ing, ‐shohr‐, of‐] /ˈɔfˈʃɔr ɪŋ, ‐ˈʃoʊr‐, ˈɒf‐/

the practice of moving employees or certain business activities to foreign countries as a way to lower costs, avoid taxes, etc.:
the offshoring of software jobs to China.
the practice of moving a company’s operating base to a foreign country where labour costs are cheaper

the practice of moving business processes or services to another country, esp. overseas, to reduce costs

in the economic sense, as a form of outsourcing, attested by 1988, from offshore.

Transfer of a business process, e.g. manufacturing or customer service, from a company in one country to the same or another company in a different country. This overlaps partially with outsourcing, in which work is transferred to a different company in the same or a different country.


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