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Old geezer

noun phrase

An old man, esp an unpleasant one: Get that old geezer out of here (1897+)

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  • Old-girl

    noun 1. Chiefly British. a former student at a girl’s school, especially a preparatory school. 2. (used in informal direct address to a woman.) 3. a lively elderly woman. noun 1. (sometimes capitals) (Brit) a female ex-pupil of a school 2. (informal, mainly Brit) noun phrase An old woman; also, a wife (1791+)

  • Old-girl network

    [ohld-gurl] /ˈoʊldˈgɜrl/ noun 1. an association among women that is comparable to or modeled on an old-boy network.

  • Old-glory

    noun 1. . noun 1. the national flag of the U.S., consisting of 13 horizontal stripes that are alternately red and white, representing the original states, and of a blue field containing 50 white stars, representing the present states. noun 1. a nickname for the flag of the United States of America noun 1. (functioning […]

  • Old-gold

    noun 1. a color ranging in hue from medium yellow to light olive brown. noun 1.

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