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noun, Chemistry.
a colorless, odorless, liquid, water-insoluble, unsaturated acid, C 1 8 H 3 4 O 2 , obtained from animal tallow and natural vegetable oils, in which it occurs as the glycerol ester: used chiefly in the manufacture of soap, commercial , and cosmetics.
a colourless oily liquid unsaturated acid occurring, as the glyceride, in almost all natural fats used in making soaps, ointments, cosmetics, and lubricating oils. Formula: CH3(CH2)7CH:CH(CH2)7COOH Systematic name cis-9-octadecenoic acid

oleic acid o·le·ic acid (ō-lē’ĭk)
An organic acid that is prepared from fats and is used in the preparation of oleates and lotions.
oleic acid
An oily liquid occurring in animal and vegetable oils and used in making soap. Chemical formula: C18H34O2.


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