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[om-nuh-bair-ing] /ˈɒm nəˌbɛər ɪŋ/

noun, Navigation.
the of an omnirange station.


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    [om-nuh-buhs, -buh s] /ˈɒm nəˌbʌs, -bəs/ noun, plural omnibuses or for 1, omnibusses. 1. 1 (def 1). 2. a volume of reprinted works of a single author or of works related in interest or theme. adjective 3. pertaining to, including, or dealing with numerous objects or items at once: an omnibus bill submitted to a […]

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    noun, Insurance. 1. a clause, especially in an automobile liability policy, extending coverage to persons other than the insured named in the policy.

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    Thompson, 1956. Ran on IBM 650. [Sammet 1969, p. 5].

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