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unique; pertaining to a singular example

They broke the mold when they made her; she is one of a kind.
Word Origin

Usage Note

also used as a noun

adjectival phrase attested from 1961.


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    adjective 1. done, occurring, or made only once; one-shot. noun 2. something occurring, done, or made only once. noun 1. (Brit) Also one-shot n. “single example of a manufactured product,” 1934, from one + off. Later given figurative extension. noun Something unique; something not repeated:encouraged band member Jim Warchol to think of 5th and National […]

  • One of the boys

    noun phrase An ordinary, amiable man; a man without side or lofty dignity; ordinary Joe: His Eminence was trying hard to be one of the boys (1893+)

  • One of these days

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