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[wuhn-uhp-muh n-ship] /ˈwʌnˈʌp mənˌʃɪp/

the art or practice of achieving, demonstrating, or assuming superiority in one’s rivalry with a friend or opponent by obtaining privilege, status, status symbols, etc.:
the one-upmanship of getting into the president’s car pool.
(informal) the art or practice of achieving or maintaining an advantage over others, often by slightly unscrupulous means

1952, from noun phrase one up “scoring one more point than one’s opponent” (1919).


The technique and practice of having the advantage over one’s opponent, esp keeping a psychological advantage by low cunning and subtle brilliance: a wide-open but good-humored game of political one-upmanship

[1952+; coined by the late British humorist Stephen Potter as a book title]


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