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[wuhn-wey] /ˈwʌnˈweɪ/

moving, or allowing movement in one direction only:
a one-way street.
valid for travel in one direction only:
a one-way ticket.
Compare .
without a reciprocal feeling, responsibility, relationship, etc.:
It’s a one-way friendship.
not intended for return to a seller, dealer, etc., for reuse; disposable:
one-way bottles.
moving or allowing travel in one direction only: one-way traffic
entailing no reciprocal obligation, action, etc: a one-way agreement

1906, in reference to travel tickets; 1914 in reference to streets; 1940 in reference to windows, mirrors, etc.; from one + way.


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  • One-way function

    cryptography, mathematics A function which is easy to compute but whose inverse is very difficult to compute. Such functions have important applications in cryptography, specifically in public-key cryptography. See also: trapdoor function. (2001-05-10)

  • One-way hash function

    algorithm (Or “message digest function”) A one-way function which takes a variable-length message and produces a fixed-length hash. Given the hash it is computationally infeasible to find a message with that hash; in fact one can’t determine any usable information about a message with that hash, not even a single bit. For some one-way hash […]

  • One-way mirror

    noun 1. a sheet of glass that can be seen through from one side and is a mirror on the other, used especially for observation of criminal suspects by law-enforcement officials or witnesses.

  • One way or another

    Also, one way or the other. Somehow, in some fashion, as in One way or another I’m sure we’ll meet again, or He wasn’t sure how to go about building a wall, but he was sure he would manage in one way or the other. [ Mid-1500s ]

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