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Open the door to

Also, open doors. Create an opportunity for, as in Legalizing marijuana may open the door to all kinds of abuse, or Her statement opened the door to further discussion, or Dad’s connections at the hospital have opened doors for Richard’s colleagues at medical school. [ Late 1600s ]


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  • Open-timbered

    [oh-puh n-tim-berd] /ˈoʊ pənˈtɪm bərd/ adjective, (of a roof, ceiling, etc.) 1. constructed so that the timbers are exposed.

  • Open-trailer

    noun 1. any dog that barks or bays on the trail of its quarry.

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    Internet Open Trading Protocol

  • Opentransport

    networking (OT) A complete reimplementation of all levels of the Macintosh networking code including “Classic” AppleTalk and MacTCP. It appeared in MacOS revision 7.5.3 [or earlier? Date?]. (2000-08-13)

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