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[oh-puh-ner] /ˈoʊ pə nər/

a person or thing that .
a device for sealed containers:
can opener.
the first of several theatrical numbers, variety acts, sports events, etc.:
a humorous monologue as an opener.
openers, Poker. cards in a hand, as a pair of jacks or better, that according to a given standard are worth enough to enable the holder to make the first bet of a deal.
for openers, as an initially stated reason or argument; at the outset; to begin with:
Well, for openers, I don’t have the money.
an instrument used to open sealed containers such as tins or bottles: a bottle opener
a person who opens, esp the player who makes the first bid or play
the first or opening section or episode in a series
(US) the first song, act, etc, in a variety show
(pl) a start; beginning (esp in the phrase for openers)

“one who opens,” Old English openere, agent noun from open (v.).

Related Terms

for openers

Related Terms

can-opener, eye-opener


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