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[op-er-uh-buh l, op-ruh-] /ˈɒp ər ə bəl, ˈɒp rə-/

that can be treated by a surgical .
Compare (def 2).
capable of being put into use, , or practice.
/ˈɒpərəbəl; ˈɒprə-/
capable of being treated by a surgical operation
capable of being operated
capable of being put into practice

1640s, “practicable,” from operate + -able, or else from Late Latin operabilis. Surgical sense, “capable of treatment by operation,” recorded by 1904. Related: Operability.

operable op·er·a·ble (ŏp’ər-ə-bəl, ŏp’rə-)
Being treatable by surgical operation with a reasonable degree of safety and chance of success.
op’er·a·bil’i·ty n.


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