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Operational requirements

Qualitative and quantitative parameters that specify the desired capabilities of a system and serve as a basis for determining the operational effectiveness and suitability of a system prior to deployment.


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  • Operational semantics

    theory A set of rules specifying how the state of an actual or hypothetical computer changes while executing a program. The overall state is typically divided into a number of components, e.g. stack, heap, registers etc. Each rule specifies certain preconditions on the contents of some components and their new contents after the application of […]

  • Operational test and evaluation

    testing (OT&E) Formal testing conducted prior to deployment to evaluate the operational effectiveness and suitability of the system with respect to its mission. (1997-01-07)

  • Operational testing

    testing A US DoD term for testing performed by the end-user on software in its normal operating environment. (1997-01-07)

  • Operation barbarossa

    noun 1. the codename for Hitler’s invasion (1941) of Russia

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