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[awr-guh-nahy-zer] /ˈɔr gəˌnaɪ zər/

a person who , especially one who forms and a group.
a person whse job is to enlist employees into membership in a union.
a person who or schedules work:
You would get this job done sooner if you were a better organizer.
a multiple folder or, sometimes, a notebook in which correspondence, papers, etc., are sorted by subject, date, or otherwise, for systematic handling.
Embryology. any part of an embryo that stimulates the development and differentiation of another part.
a person who organizes or is capable of organizing
a container with a number of compartments for storage: hanging organizers to keep your clothes smart
(embryol) any part of an embryo or any substance produced by it that induces specialization of undifferentiated cells

1849, agent noun from organize.

organizer or·gan·iz·er (ôr’gə-nī’zər)


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