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[os-kyuh-leyt] /ˈɒs kyəˌleɪt/

verb (used without object), osculated, osculating.
to come into close contact or union.
Geometry. (of a curve) to touch another curve or another part of the same curve so as to have the same tangent and curvature at the point of contact.
verb (used with object), osculated, osculating.
to bring into close contact or union.
Geometry. (of a curve) to touch (another curve or another part of the same curve) in or close contact.
to kiss.
generally (jocular) to kiss
(intransitive) (of an organism or group of organisms) to be intermediate between two taxonomic groups
(geometry) to touch in osculation

“to kiss,” 1650s, from Latin osculatus, past participle of osculari “to kiss,” from osculum “a kiss; pretty mouth, sweet mouth,” literally “little mouth,” diminutive of os “mouth” (see oral). Related: Osculated; osculating.


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