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[in-tur-nuh] /ɪnˈtɜr nə/

noun, Pathology.

otitis interna otitis in·ter·na (ĭn-tûr’nə)
See labyrinthitis.


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  • Otitis mycotica

    otitis mycotica otitis my·cot·i·ca (mī-kŏt’ĭ-kə) n. A fungous growth in the external auditory canal, often of a species of Aspergillus.

  • Otium-cum-dignitate

    [oh-ti-oo m koo m dig-ni-tah-te; English oh-shee-uh m kuhm dig-ni-tey-tee] /ˈoʊ tɪˌʊm kʊm ˌdɪg nɪˈtɑ tɛ; English ˈoʊ ʃi əm kʌm ˌdɪg nɪˈteɪ ti/ Latin. 1. leisure with dignity.

  • Otl

    out to lunch

  • Oto

    [oh-toh] /ˈoʊ toʊ/ noun, plural Otos (especially collectively) Oto. 1. a member of a Siouan-speaking tribe of North American Indians who formerly inhabited the lower Missouri River basin and now live in Oklahoma. 1. a combining form meaning “ear,” used in the formation of compound words: otology. combining form 1. indicating the ear: otitis, otolith […]

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