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[oh-ver-groh, oh-ver-groh] /ˌoʊ vərˈgroʊ, ˈoʊ vərˌgroʊ/

verb (used with object), overgrew, overgrown, overgrowing.
to grow over; cover with a growth of something.
to grow beyond, grow too large for, or outgrow.
to outdo in growing; choke or supplant by a more exuberant growth.
verb (used without object), overgrew, overgrown, overgrowing.
to grow to excess; grow too large:
When the vegetable overgrows, it tends to be woody.
to become grown over, as with weeds:
An untended garden will quickly overgrow.
verb -grows, -growing, -grew, -grown
(transitive) to grow over or across (an area, path, lawn, etc)
(transitive) to choke or supplant by a stronger growth
(transitive) to grow too large for
(intransitive) to grow beyond normal size

late 14c., “covered with growth,” past participle adjective from overgrow “overspread with foliage” (Old English ofergrowan); see over- + grown, and cf. Old English verb ofergrowan “to overgrow.” Meaning “having grown too large” is attested from late 15c.


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