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also pcp, 1960s, from animal tranquilizer phencyclidine.


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  • Pcpm

    per contract per month

  • Pc pursuit

    A TELENET service which enabled people to dial up BBSes in other cities for less than normal long-distance rates. PC Pursuit died because TELENET were too mean to upgrade beyond 2400 bits per second. (1994-10-17)

  • Pcr

    abbreviation 1. polymerase chain reaction: a technique for rapidly producing many copies of a fragment of DNA for diagnostic or research purposes PCR (polymerase chain reaction) A laboratory technique that can amplify the amount of DNA from a tiny sample to a large amount within just a few hours. Theoretically, PCR can take one molecule […]

  • Pc-rt

    computer An incorrect name for the RT-PC. (1995-04-06)

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