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Paged memory management unit

Memory Management Unit


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  • Page-description-language

    noun 1. a high-level programming language for determining the output of a page printer designed to work with it, independent of the printer’s internal codes. Abbreviation: PDL.

  • Page fault

    memory management In a paged virtual memory system, an access to a page (block) of memory that is not currently mapped to physical memory. When a page fault occurs the operating system either fetches the page in from secondary storage (usually disk) if the access was legitimate or otherwise reports the access as illegal. (1995-11-11)

  • Page in

    storage, architecture What a paging system does when it copies part of a task’s working memory from swap space on disk to RAM. [Jargon File] (1995-01-23)

  • Page mode

    1. See page mode DRAM. 2. An operation mode of video terminals like the IBM 3270, in which the terminal only sends a completed input screen (page) to the host instead of sending each character as the keys are pressed. (1995-03-28)

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