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  • Pajamas

    [puh-jah-muh z, -jam-uh z] /pəˈdʒɑ məz, -ˈdʒæm əz/ noun, (used with a plural verb) 1. night clothes consisting of loose-fitting trousers and jacket. 2. loose-fitting trousers, usually of silk or cotton, worn by both sexes in the Orient. /pəˈdʒɑːməz/ plural noun 1. the US spelling of pyjamas n. 1800, pai jamahs “loose trousers tied at […]

  • Pak

    [pak] /pæk/ noun 1. pack; package. /pæk/ noun 1. Pakistan noun, adjective 2. Pakistani

  • Pakahi

    /ˈpɑːkəhiː/ noun 1. (NZ)

  • Pakanbaru

    [pah-kahn-bahr-oo] /ˌpɑ kɑnˈbɑr u/ noun 1. a city on central Sumatra, in W Indonesia.

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