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[puh-lat-kuh] /pəˈlæt kə/

a city in NE Florida.


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  • Palato-

    1. a combining form representing palate, in compound words: palatogram. palato- pref. Palate: palatoplasty.

  • Palato-alveolar

    [pal-uh-toh-al-vee-uh-ler] /ˌpæl ə toʊ ælˈvi ə lər/ Phonetics adjective 1. articulated with the blade or tip of the tongue approaching or touching the alveolar ridge and the main body of the tongue near the hard palate; having a primary alveolar articulation and a secondary palatal articulation. noun 2. a palato-alveolar sound, as (sh) or (ch).

  • Palatoglossal

    palatoglossal pal·a·to·glos·sal (pāl’ə-tō-glô’səl) adj. Relating to the palate and the tongue.

  • Palatoglossal arch

    palatoglossal arch n. Either of two ridges or folds of mucous membrane passing from the soft palate to the side of the tongue and enclosing the palatoglossus muscle.

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