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[ber-nar] /bɛrˈnar/ (Show IPA), c1510–89, French potter, enameler, and author.
Historical Examples

In this strait Palissy began to give way: he faltered, and at length made a compromise with his anxious helpmate.
Palissy the Huguenot Potter C. L. Brightwell

For many successive months and years Palissy pursued his experiments.
Self-Help Samuel Smiles

A survey and plan of the great salt-marshes of Saintonge was wanted in 1543, and Palissy obtained the work.
Historic Inventions Rupert S. Holland

Like so many Renaissance artists Palissy tried his skill in many lines.
Historic Inventions Rupert S. Holland

Palissy has written his own story, and it has the interest of romance and the fervor of faith.
Pottery and Porcelain, from early times down to the Philadelphia exhibition of 1876 Charles Wyllys Elliott

A female Palissy would revolutionize our ideas of womans art.
The Dull Miss Archinard Anne Douglas Sedgwick

Finally the pottery fever seemed to abate, and Palissy went back to his drudgery of glass-painting and occasional surveying.
Lives of Poor Boys Who Became Famous Sarah K. Bolton

Palissy receives them joyfully; he would like to invite the whole town.
Stories of Invention Edward E. Hale

Palissy next erected an improved furnace, but he was so unfortunate as to build part of the inside with flints.
Self-Help Samuel Smiles

The heart of Palissy was too full to suffer him to detail the particulars of this event.
Palissy the Huguenot Potter C. L. Brightwell

Bernard (bɛrnar). 1510–89, French Huguenot potter and writer on natural history, noted for his rustic glazed earthenware: died in the Bastille


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