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[Spanish pahm-pe-loo-nah] /Spanish ˌpɑm pɛˈlu nɑ/

the former name of Pamplona


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  • Pampas-grass

    noun 1. a tall, ornamental grass, Cortaderia selloana, native to South America, having large, thick, feathery, silvery-white panicles. /ˈpæmpəs; -pəz/ noun 1. any of various large grasses of the South American genus Cortaderia and related genera, widely cultivated for their large feathery silver-coloured flower branches

  • Pampas

    [pam-puh z; attributively pam-puh s; Spanish pahm-pahs] /ˈpæm pəz; attributively ˈpæm pəs; Spanish ˈpɑm pɑs/ plural noun, singular pampa [pam-puh; Spanish pahm-pah] /ˈpæm pə; Spanish ˈpɑm pɑ/ (Show IPA) 1. the vast grassy plains of southern South America, especially in Argentina. [pam-puh] /ˈpæm pə/ noun 1. a city in N Texas. /ˈpæmpəz/ noun 1. (functioning […]

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    pannicular hernia pan·nic·u·lar hernia (pā-nĭk’yə-lər) n. An escape of subcutaneous fat through a gap in a fascia or in an aponeurosis. Also called fatty hernia.

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    [pahn-hahs] /ˈpɑn hɑs/ noun, Chiefly Pennsylvania. 1. .

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