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[pan-thee-uh-nahyz or, esp. British, pan-thee-] /ˈpæn θi əˌnaɪz or, esp. British, pænˈθi-/

verb (used with object), pantheonized, pantheonizing.
to place, especially to bury, in a pantheon:
The author will be pantheonized following the funeral mass.


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  • Panther

    [pan-ther] /ˈpæn θər/ noun, plural panthers (especially collectively) panther. 1. the cougar or puma, Felis concolor. 2. the leopard, Panthera pardus. 3. any leopard in the black color phase. 4. Informal. a very fierce person. 5. (initial capital letter) Military. a 43-ton (39 metric tons) German tank of World War II with a 75mm gun […]

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    [pan-ther-uh] /ˈpæn θər ə/ noun 1. a genus of chiefly large cats that includes the snow leopard, tiger, leopard, jaguar, and lion, most having the ability to roar.

  • Panther-fungus

    noun 1. a highly poisonous mushroom, Amanita pantherina, with a brownish cap covered with white cottony patches.

  • Panther piss

    n phr,n Raw and inferior whiskey; rotgut (1929+)

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