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any device for cutting or trimming paper, typically a weighted, powered, or spring-hinged blade mounted on or over a ruled board or table on which many sheets of paper may be aligned for cutting at one time.
a machine for cutting paper, usually a blade mounted over a table on which paper can be aligned


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  • Paper-doll

    noun 1. a paper or cardboard, usually two-dimensional, representation of the human figure, used as a child’s toy. 2. Usually, paper dolls. a connected series of doll-like figures cut from folded paper.

  • Pantology

    [pan-tol-uh-jee] /pænˈtɒl ə dʒi/ noun 1. a systematic view of all human knowledge.

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    [pey-per-er] /ˈpeɪ pər ər/ noun 1. a paperhanger. 2. a person who lines or covers something with .

  • Paper feed control character

    (PFCC) An obscure mechanism used in Fortran run-time systems whereby the first character of a line of output to a line-printer caused various actions after the line was printed: space return newline 0 return newline return newline 1 form-feed + return

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