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Para-aminobenzoic acid

[par-uh-uh-mee-noh-ben-zoh-ik, -am-uh-noh-] /ˈpær ə əˌmi noʊ bɛnˈzoʊ ɪk, -ˌæm ə noʊ-/

noun, Chemistry, Biochemistry.
part of the folic acid molecule, a white or yellowish, crystalline, slightly water-soluble solid, C 7 H 7 NO 2 , the para isomer of aminobenzoic acid: used chiefly in the manufacture of dyes and pharmaceuticals and in sunscreens to protect against ultraviolet light.
Abbreviation: PABA.
(biochem) an acid present in yeast and liver: used in the manufacture of dyes and pharmaceuticals. Formula: C6H4(NH2)COOH

para-aminobenzoic acid par·a-a·mi·no·ben·zo·ic acid (pār’ə-ə-mē’nō-běn-zō’ĭk, -ām’ə-)
para-aminobenzoic acid
(pār’ə-ə-mē’nō-běn-zō’ĭk, -ām’ə-)


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