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[pahr-teyk] /pɑrˈteɪk/

verb (used without object), partook, partaken, partaking.
to take or have a part or share along with others; participate (usually followed by in):
He won’t partake in the victory celebration.
to receive, take, or have a share or portion (usually followed by of):
to partake of a meal.
to have something of the nature or character (usually followed by of):
feelings partaking of both joy and regret.
verb (used with object), partook, partaken, partaking.
to take or have a part in; share.
verb (mainly intransitive) -takes, -taking, -took, -taken
(foll by in) to have a share; participate: to partake in the excitement
(foll by of) to take or receive a portion, esp of food or drink: each partook of the food offered to him
(foll by of) to suggest or have some of the quality (of): music partaking of sadness
(transitive) (archaic) to share in

1560s, back-formation from Middle English part-taking (late 14c.), or part-taker (c.1400), both translations of Latin particeps “participant” (n.), also “sharing, partaking” (see participation). Related: Partook; partaking.


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