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[pas-im] /ˈpæs ɪm/

adverb, Latin.
here and there: used in bibliographic references to indicate that the writer has drawn upon material scattered throughout the source cited.
[seek pahs-sim; English sik pas-im] /sik ˈpɑs sɪm; English sɪk ˈpæs ɪm/
adverb, Latin.
so throughout: used especially as a footnote to indicate that a word, phrase, or idea recurs throughout the book being cited.
here and there; throughout: used to indicate that what is referred to occurs frequently in the work cited
/ˈsɪk ˈpæsɪm/
a phrase used in printed works to indicate that a word, spelling, etc, occurs in the same form throughout

“occurring in various places,” Latin, literally “scatteredly, in every direction,” adverb from passus, past participle of pandere “to stretch” (see pace (n.)).
passim [(pas-im)]

A word used in footnotes and similar material to indicate that a word or subject occurs frequently. For example, an entry in an index reading “coal: 78–86 passim” means that coal is mentioned throughout pages 78 to 86. Passim is Latin for “throughout” or “here and there.”

A simulation language based on Pascal.
[“PASSIM: A Discrete-Event Simulation Package for Pascal”, D.H Uyeno et al, Simulation 35(6):183-190 (Dec 1980)].


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