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noun, Aristotelianism.
the reasoning faculty existing only within an individual mind, limited in scope and perishing with the body.


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  • Passive-resistance

    noun 1. opposition to a government or to specific governmental laws by the use of noncooperation and other nonviolent methods, as economic boycotts and protest marches. noun 1. resistance to a government, law, etc, made without violence, as by fasting, demonstrating peacefully, or refusing to cooperate A technique of demonstrating opposition to a government’s activities […]

  • Passive-restraint

    noun 1. a safety device, as an air bag or special seat belt, that is activated automatically to protect an automobile passenger at the moment of impact when a collision occurs.

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    noun 1. the inhaling of cigarette, cigar, and pipe smoke of others, especially by a nonsmoker in an enclosed area. noun 1. the inhalation of smoke from other people’s cigarettes by a nonsmoker noun involuntary inhaling of smoke created by others

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