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[pach-oo-lee, puh-choo-lee] /ˈpætʃ ʊ li, pəˈtʃu li/

a plant, Pogostemon cablin, of tropical Asia, that yields a fragrant oil (patchouli oil) used in the manufacture of perfumes.
a penetrating perfume made from this oil.
/ˈpætʃʊlɪ; pəˈtʃuːlɪ/
any of several Asiatic trees of the genus Pogostemon, the leaves of which yield a heavy fragrant oil: family Lamiaceae (labiates)
the perfume made from this oil

perfume made from an Indian plant of the mint family, 1845, from the native name for the plant in Madras, said to be from Tamil pachchai “green” + ilai “leaf.” The form of the word appears French, but this has not been explained and the record of it in English predates that in French.


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