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[path-fahyn-der, pahth‐] /ˈpæθˌfaɪn dər, ˈpɑθ‐/

a person who finds or makes a , way, route, etc., especially through a previously unexplored or untraveled wilderness.
an airplane, or a person dropped from a plane, sent into a target area to illuminate the area for succeeding aircraft.
a radar beacon beamed into a target area to provide guidance for missiles seeking the target.
(initial capital letter) an unmanned spacecraft that landed on Mars on July 4, 1997, to obtain climatic and geologic data.
a person who makes or finds a way, esp through unexplored areas or fields of knowledge
an aircraft or parachutist who indicates a target area by dropping flares, etc
a radar device used for navigation or homing onto a target

1839 (Cooper), from path + finder.

pathfinder path·find·er (pāth’fīn’dər)
A filiform bougie for introduction through a narrow stricture as a guide for the passage of a larger instrument.


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