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[puh-vahn, -van; French pa-van] /pəˈvɑn, -ˈvæn; French paˈvan/

noun, plural pavanes
[puh-vahnz, -vanz; French pa-van] /pəˈvɑnz, -ˈvænz; French paˈvan/ (Show IPA)
a stately dance dating from the 16th century.
the music for this dance.
/pəˈvɑːn; -ˈvæn; ˈpævən/
a slow and stately dance of the 16th and 17th centuries
a piece of music composed for or in the rhythm of this dance, usually characterized by a slow stately triple time

“slow, stately dance,” 1530s, from French pavane (1520s), probably from Spanish pavana, from pavo “peacock” (from Latin pavo), in reference to the bird’s courting movements. But some see an Italian origin and trace the name to Padovana “Paduan.” Possibly there was a merger of two distinct dance words.


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