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[pek-tik] /ˈpɛk tɪk/

pertaining to .


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  • Pectic-acid

    noun, Chemistry. 1. any of several water-insoluble products of the hydrolysis of pectin esters. noun 1. a complex acid containing arabinose and galactose that occurs in ripe fruit, beets, and other vegetables. Formula: C35H50O33

  • Pectin

    [pek-tin] /ˈpɛk tɪn/ noun, Biochemistry. 1. a white, amorphous, colloidal carbohydrate of high molecular weight occurring in ripe fruits, especially in apples, currants, etc., and used in fruit jellies, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics for its thickening and emulsifying properties and its ability to solidify to a gel. /ˈpɛktɪn/ noun 1. (biochem) any of the acidic hemicelluloses […]

  • Pectinate

    [pek-tuh-neyt] /ˈpɛk təˌneɪt/ adjective 1. formed into or having closely parallel, toothlike projections; comblike. /ˈpɛktɪˌneɪt/ adjective 1. shaped like a comb: pectinate antennae pectinate pec·ti·nate (pěk’tə-nāt’) or pec·ti·nat·ed (-nā’tĭd) adj. Having projections resembling the teeth of a comb; comblike. pec’ti·na’tion n.

  • Pectinate line

    pectinate line n. See anocutaneous line.

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