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pelviperitonitis pel·vi·per·i·to·ni·tis (pěl’və-pěr’ĭ-tn-ī’tĭs)
See pelvic peritonitis.


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  • Pelvis

    [pel-vis] /ˈpɛl vɪs/ noun, plural pelvises, pelves [pel-veez] /ˈpɛl viz/ (Show IPA). Anatomy, Zoology. 1. the basinlike cavity in the lower part of the trunk of many vertebrates, formed in humans by the innominate bones, sacrum, etc. 2. the bones forming this cavity. 3. the cavity of the kidney that receives the urine before it […]

  • Pelvis justo major

    pelvis justo major pelvis jus·to ma·jor (jŭs’tō mā’jər) n. A gynecoid pelvis having greater than normal measurements in all diameters.

  • Pelvis justo minor

    pelvis justo minor pelvis justo mi·nor (mī’nər) n. A gynecoid pelvis with smaller than normal measurments in all diameters.

  • Pelvis major

    pelvis major n. See large pelvis.

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