an ivy league university located in philadelphia for either smart or rich kids. way better than princeton.
often confused with penn state.
normal person: so you go to penn? too bad about those nittany lions…
penn student: -sigh-
slang for the university of pennsylvania. also called upenn.
penn is one of the ivies.
function: noun
1 : an ivy league university in the heart of the city of philadelphia. nestled within “university city,” the school attracts the best and brightest, socially apt, and interesting individuals from around the globe.
2 : a place where you receive a degree that gives you a wide variety of job options once you graduate; especially if you attend the wharton school of business.

antonym: princeton.
random guy: “hey man, i heard you got into all your schools! congrats! so you’re going to princeton right?”
random guy 2: “nope, i opted to go to penn to pursue what i love, and still lead a normal existance.”
random guy: “nice!”
a party school that happens to be a member of the ivy league. tends to attract that kids that don’t apply to harvard, yale, princeton, and mit because, hey, college is about having a f-cking awesome time.
benjamin franklin, who once said, “beer is proof that g-d wants loves us and wants us to be happy” founded penn.

penn is one of the best universities in the world, and the students still managed to get f-cked up on a regular basis.
a university where students go to play starcraft in a study room at the library during spring fling
guy 1: yo what school do you go to?
guy 2: penn
guy 1: oh nice, you play starcraft at van pelt?
guy 2: everyday
dude that was f-ckin penn
the hottest and sweetest girl evr
the most perfect girlfriend i cud evr hav i love u penn forevr
i love u penn, u r the greates girlfriend

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