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[pen-ee] /ˈpɛn i/

a female given name, form of .


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  • Pennies

    [pen-ee] /ˈpɛn i/ noun 1. a female given name, form of . [pen-ee] /ˈpɛn i/ noun, plural pennies, (especially collectively for 2, 3) pence. 1. a bronze coin, the 100th part of the dollars of various nations, as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States; one cent. 2. Also called new penny. a bronze […]

  • Penniform

    penniform pen·ni·form (pěn’ə-fôrm’) adj. Shaped like or resembling a feather.

  • Pennies from heaven

    Unexpected good fortune, a windfall, as in They sent back our check—pennies from heaven. This expression may have originated with a song and motion picture so named (1936), popularized by Bing Crosby.

  • Penniless

    [pen-i-lis] /ˈpɛn ɪ lɪs/ adjective 1. without any money whatsoever; totally impoverished; destitute. /ˈpɛnɪlɪs/ adjective 1. very poor; almost totally without money adj. “destitute,” early 14c., penyles, from penny + -less.

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