well loved, and liked by all. intelligent, creative and well respected. very down to earth, a quiet, sensitive girl. loves animals and loves to be with people. not selfish and thinks of others constantly.
she is so obviously a pennie, she’s so down to earth.
shy until you get to know her then she is crazzzyyy! everyone loves her because she is sweet and is always there to help with any problems you have. she is extremely pretty and all the guys want to go out with her. shes witty and some what popular at school. she starts out weird but in the end her true self shines. has a crush on a guy who doesnt like her back but will still dream.
penelope pennie
to be so cool, something or someone that is cooler than everything else of its type.
sharon is so pennie, i wish i was just like her.
slag word for p-n-s.
” haha sean we can all see your pennie.”

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