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[per-plek-si-tee] /pərˈplɛk sɪ ti/

noun, plural perplexities.
the state of being ; confusion; uncertainty.
something that :
a case plagued with perplexities.
a tangled, involved, or confused condition or situation.
noun (pl) -ties
the state of being perplexed
the state of being intricate or complicated
something that perplexes

c.1300, “bewilderment,” from Old French perplexite “confusion, perplexity,” from Late Latin perplexitatem (nominative perplexitas), from Latin perplexus “confused, involved, interwoven,” from per- “completely” + plexus “entangled,” past participle of plectere “to twine” (see complex (adj.)). From 1590s as “something that causes perplexity.”

The geometric mean of the number of words which may follow any given word for a certain lexicon and grammar.


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