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[pet-ee; French puh-tee] /ˈpɛt i; French pəˈti/

adjective, Law.
small; ; minor.
[en-se pe-tit plah-ki-dahm soo b lee-ber-tah-te kwee-ey-tem; English en-see pee-tit plas-i-dam suhb lib-er-tey-tee kwahy-ee-tem] /ˈɛn sɛ ˈpɛ tɪt ˈplɑ kɪˌdɑm sʊb ˌli bɛrˈtɑ tɛ kwiˈeɪ tɛm; English ˈɛn si ˈpi tɪt ˈplæs ɪˌdæm sʌb ˌlɪb ərˈteɪ ti kwaɪˈi tɛm/
by the sword she seeks quiet peace under liberty: motto of Massachusetts.
(prenominal) (mainly law) of little or lesser importance; small: petit jury
/French pəti/
Roland (rɔlɑ̃). 1924–2011, French ballet dancer and choreographer. His innovative ballets include Carmen (1949), Kraanerg (1969), and The Blue Angel (1985); he also choreographed films, such as Anything Goes (1956) and Black Tights (1960)

mid-14c., “trifling,” from Old French petit “small, little, young, few in numbers” (11c.), probably from stem of Late Latin pitinnus “small,” of uncertain origin; it corresponds to no known Latin form and perhaps is from a Celtic root pett- “part, piece, bit” also found in Italian pezza, English piece. Attested as a surname from 1086. Replaced by petty in most usages, except in established forms such as petit bourgeois “conventional middle-class” (1832; used in English by Charlotte Brontë earlier than by Marx or Engels); petit mal (1842, literally “little evil,” mild form of epilepsy), and petit four (1884), which in French means “little oven,” from Old French four “oven,” from Latin furnus.


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