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[fen-l-meth-eyn, feen-] /ˌfɛn lˈmɛθ eɪn, ˌfin-/

noun, Chemistry.


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  • Phenylmethylcarbinyl-acetate

    [fen-l-meth-uh l-kahr-buh-nil, feen-, fen-, feen-] /ˈfɛn lˌmɛθ əlˈkɑr bə nɪl, ˈfin-, ˌfɛn-, ˌfin-/ noun, Chemistry. 1. .

  • Phenyl-methyl-ketone

    noun, Chemistry. 1. . [uh-see-toh-fuh-nohn, as-i-toh-] /əˌsi toʊ fəˈnoʊn, ˌæs ɪ toʊ-/ noun, Chemistry. 1. a colorless liquid, C 8 H 8 O, having a sweet odor: used chiefly as a scent in the manufacture of perfume.

  • Phenylpropanolamine

    [fen-l-proh-puh-nol-uh-meen, -min] /ˌfɛn lˌproʊ pəˈnɒl əˌmin, -mɪn/ noun, Pharmacology. 1. a substance, C 9 H 1 3 NO, related to ephedrine and amphetamine, available in various popular nonprescription diet aids as an appetite suppressant. phenylpropanolamine phen·yl·pro·pa·nol·a·mine (fěn’əl-prō’pə-nŏl’ə-mēn’, fē’nəl-) n. An adrenergic drug that acts as a vasoconstrictor and is used as a nasal decongestant, a […]

  • Phenylpropyl-acetate

    [fen-l-proh-pil, feen-, fen-, feen-] /ˈfɛn lˈproʊ pɪl, ˈfin-, ˌfɛn-, ˌfin-/ noun, Chemistry. 1. a colorless, water-insoluble liquid, C 1 0 H 1 2 O 2 , used chiefly in perfumery.

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