[pik-er-uh l, pik-ruh l] /ˈpɪk ər əl, ˈpɪk rəl/

noun, plural (especially collectively) pickerel (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) pickerels.
any of several small species of pike, as Esox niger (chain pickerel) and E. americanus americanus (redfin pickerel) of eastern North America.
the walleye or pikeperch, Stizostedion vitreum.
British. a young pike.
/ˈpɪkərəl; ˈpɪkrəl/
noun (pl) -el, -els
any of several North American freshwater game fishes, such as Esox americanus and E. niger: family Esocidae (pikes, walleye, etc)

“young pike,” late 13c., diminutive of pike, the fish (see pike (n.3)), with French pejorative suffix -rel; perhaps formed in Anglo-French.

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