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[pi-lahf, pee-lahf] /pɪˈlɑf, ˈpi lɑf/

a Middle Eastern dish consisting of sautéed, seasoned rice steamed in bouillon, sometimes with poultry, meat or shellfish.
rice cooked in a meat or poultry broth.
[pi-lahf, pee-lahf, pi-law, -lou, pee-law, -lou] /pɪˈlɑf, ˈpi lɑf, pɪˈlɔ, -ˈlaʊ, ˈpi lɔ, -laʊ/
a dish originating from the East, consisting of rice flavoured with spices and cooked in stock, to which meat, poultry, or fish may be added

oriental dish of rice boiled with meat, 1610s, from Turkish pilav, from Persian pilaw. Spelling influenced by Modern Greek pilafi, from the Turkish word.


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