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[pahy-nap-uh l] /ˈpaɪˌnæp əl/

the edible, juicy, collective fruit of a tropical, bromeliaceous plant, Ananas comosus, that develops from a spike or head of flowers and is surmounted by a crown of leaves.
the plant itself, having a short stem and rigid, spiny-margined, recurved leaves.
Military Slang. a fragmentation hand grenade.
a tropical American bromeliaceous plant, Ananas comosus, cultivated in the tropics for its large fleshy edible fruit
the fruit of this plant, consisting of an inflorescence clustered around a fleshy axis and surmounted by a tuft of leaves
(military, slang) a hand grenade

late 14c., “pine cone,” from pine (n.) + apple. The reference to the fruit of the tropical plant (from resemblance of shape) is first recorded 1660s, and pine cone emerged 1690s to replace pineapple in its original sense except in dialect. For “pine cone,” Old English also used pinhnyte “pine nut.”


A fragmentation grenade or small bomb; Chicago Pineapple, Italian Football: Nobody tried to throw a pineapple in my lap

[WWI Army; fr the resemblance of a fragmentation grenade, with its deeply segmented ovoid surface, to a pineapple]


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