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[pin-uh] /ˈpɪn ə/

noun, plural pinnae
[pin-ee] /ˈpɪn i/ (Show IPA), pinnas.
Botany. one of the primary divisions of a pinnate leaf.

Anatomy. (def 1a).
noun (pl) -nae (-niː), -nas
any leaflet of a pinnate compound leaf
(zoology) a feather, wing, fin, or similarly shaped part
another name for auricle (sense 2)

pinna pin·na (pĭn’ə)
n. pl. pin·nae (pĭn’ē)
See auricle.
pin’nal adj.
Plural pinnae (pĭn’ē) or pinnas
A leaflet or primary division of a pinnately compound leaf, especially of a fern frond.


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    [pin-eyt, -it] /ˈpɪn eɪt, -ɪt/ adjective 1. resembling a feather, as in construction or arrangement; having parts arranged on each side of a common axis: a pinnate branch; pinnate trees. 2. Botany. (of a leaf) having leaflets or primary divisions arranged on each side of a common stalk. /ˈpɪneɪt; ˈpɪnɪt/ adjective 1. like a feather […]

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