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[pahy-pet, pi-] /paɪˈpɛt, pɪ-/

noun, verb (used with object), pipetted, pipetting.
[pahy-pet, pi-] /paɪˈpɛt, pɪ-/
a slender graduated tube used in a laboratory for measuring and transferring quantities of liquids from one container to another.
verb (used with object), pipetted, pipetting.
to measure or transfer a quantity of a liquid with a pipette.
a calibrated glass tube drawn to a fine bore at one end, filled by sucking liquid into the bulb, and used to transfer or measure known volumes of liquid
(transitive) to transfer or measure out (a liquid) using a pipette

also pipet, 1818, from French pipette, from Middle French pipette “tube,” diminutive of Old French pipe, from Vulgar Latin *pipa (see pipe (n.1)).

pipette pi·pette or pi·pet (pī-pět’)
A narrow, usually calibrated glass tube into which small amounts of liquid are suctioned for transfer or measurement.
A graduated narrow glass tube, often with an enlarged bulb, used for transferring measured volumes of liquids.


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